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Patch Cumulative Update - July & August Release

15 August, 2022

Newly released August'22 patches have continued to report multiple issues related to printers as they persisted in the month of July. Multiple forums including Microsoft, have confirmed this as a known issue. Here's the update from Microsoft on this:

Microsoft has received reports of issues affecting some printing devices following the installation of this update. Symptoms observed may include duplicate copies of printers installed on a device (commonly with a similar name and the suffix "Copy1"), and applications that refer to the printer by a specific name cannot print.

Normal printer usage might be interrupted, resulting in failure of printing operations.

Hence, we will not be performing approval/denial on these cumulative updates and putting them on hold till further updates. We will keep the patches under review and once a fix is released by Microsoft, we will perform patch approval/denial accordingly otherwise if the issue persists for the next couple of weeks we will skip this month's updates and move on to next month.

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As, we have denied the patch cumulative update released on 12th July and also the preview cumulative update released on 26th July so, considering the gap since the last cumulative pushed out was June’22, if required we can approve it on demand.

Recommendation: As on 6th Sept 2022, Printing issues is now fixed in Last cumulative for August, so approved for all customers for pushout. Couple of known issues still remains related to XPS viewer and audio but weighing the CVE requirements with impact of these issues, pushout was recommended.