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May Buggy Patches - AD Authentication Issues

17 May, 2022

Newly released May'22 patches have reported multiple issues in them like AD authentication errors. Multiple forums including Microsoft, Ask woody, and CISA recommends deferring the patches.

Hence, we will not be performing approval/denial on these cumulative updates and putting them on hold till further updates. We will keep the patches under review and once a fix is released by Microsoft, we will perform patch approval/denial accordingly otherwise if the issue persists for the next couple of weeks we will skip this month's updates move on to next month.

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Known Issues

The May 2022 Patch Tuesday patch addressed major AD authentication security flaws along with 74 others (two of which were zero-days). However, this patch is causing issues with AD authentication. With Microsoft now consolidating and releasing patches in the cumulative patches it is all or nothing.

Recommendation - Hold the patch, further issues were fixed in cumulative updates released on June'22