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A Much Needed Shift MSP to MSSP - Customer Perspective (Part - 1)

20 August, 2022

Research shows that many small and medium businesses are increasingly getting exposed to cyber insecurity. According to Verizon’s 2018 report on data breach investigation, more than half of small businesses suffered a data breach. About 40 percent suffered long hours of downtime due to data breaches.

Cyber attacks can easily cause a collapse in small businesses. Apart from being costly to resolve, they may cause a bad reputation for the business and turn away customers. This is why all SMBs and other businesses should switch from MSP to MSSP.

Benefits of switching from MSP to MSSP

Once you upgrade to MSSP you will enjoy the following benefits;

Ability to handle advanced threats

Cyber threats are becoming more complex and sophisticated. You are likely to face persistent threats or even advanced malware among other attacks. However, with MSSPs the danger is curbed since they offer the most current technologies on cyber security. MSSPs also provide up-to-date intelligence to monitor and detect these advancing threats. This way you are maximally protected at minimum cost.

Cost efficiency

Get higher efficiency for your IT operations at a comparatively lower cost. If you were to increase your staff for the cyber security department, it would be extremely costly. Switching to MSSP on the other hand will reduce the costs significantly while you enjoy seasoned security expertise.

Increased response speed

Once you switch to an event investigation MSSP with incident response, you will enjoy unmatched services in dealing with enterprise security. You will be better placed in terms of prevention of further harm to your enterprise. Once a threat is sensed, the incident response team will swing to action, assess the challenge, and recommend specific actions to take.

A boost in security information and event management

 The job of the SIEM system is to monitor data for trends and patterns that are out of place. With MSSP, it is possible to analyze data from one point of view. This is advantageous because unique patterns and trends can be singled out. This data and more be correlated against threat intelligence database feeds to determine the presence or absence of malicious activity.

Proper risk management and compliance

Every business must monitor its compliance level because of an increase in industrial regulation. Considering this you need to switch from MSP to a certified MSSP. Your business will benefit from such a company because it will extend its expertise in risk management to your company. You will also enjoy their compliance expertise to be on top of the ever-evolving regulatory environments’ requirements.

Effective security assets utilization

Often, companies buy new security assets that are never utilized due to a lack of expertise and skills to use them. MSSPs offer the needed skills and technical expertise in managing and utilizing security assets. A high-rated MSSP will determine how to integrate the security assets in tandem with the most current configurations and policies.

In a nutshell

The ever-increasing threats in cyber security call for an immediate solution or a collapse of most SMBs are bound to happen. To avoid the imminent downfall, you need to shift to MSSPs for better protection and other benefits soonest.